The Lobster Ball Machine Range
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Beginner to Intermediate
The entry level Lobster Ball machines aim to provide a durable and reliable machine that is easy to transport.

They are best suited to buyers looking to get fit with a ball machine, and for those who want the benefits of a reliable ball machine, without the cost or need for the advanced realism found on the more expensive models.

Each increasing model provides additional shot types for more realistic game play as you move up the range, as well as more automation within the machine.


$ 2299.

  • 150 Ball Capacity​
  • Oscillation​
  • 2 - 4 hours of court time
  • Manual Elevation​
  • 32km/hr to 115km/hr ball speed​
  • Top Spin and Under Spin
  • Optional Remote with Two Functions
  • Weight: 16kg​

    $ 3299.

    All the features of the Elite Liberty, plus
    • ​Electronic Elevation
    • 4 - 6 hours of court time
    • 32km/hr to 130km/hr ball speed​
    • Triple Oscillation with Vertical Oscillation that replicates true match simulation
    • Weight: 18kg

    Exclusive to us

    Many of the machines now come in EITHER battery or AC Power mode. With AC Power mode you no longer get a battery and plug the machine straight into the power. This makes the machine lighter and slightly more powerful.

    Look out for the plug in icon next to each machine.
    The benefits of A/C

    You'll never need to worry about charging your ball machine again.

    You'll also get more court time and won't need to worry about replacing the battery in 3-4 years.

    Perfect for a home tennis court where power is nearby.
    ​Intermediate to Advanced
    e Elite 2 and 3 step up the level of realism in your ball machine game play. They offer more complex drills over the simpler, repetitive game play in the Beginner to Intermediate models.

    Triple Oscillation is a unique feature from Lobster that allows for horizontal, vertical and when combining both creating random arc shapes to challenge the more advanced player.


    $ 4399.

    All the features of Elite range, plus
    • 2 Line Drill with Narrow, Medium & Wide feed
    • 6 Pre-Set Programs
    • ​Fully Random ball feed
    • iPhone, Android and Standalone 20 Function Remote
    • Weight: 20kg
    grand series remotes
    The Grand Series Ball Machines can be optioned with an iPhone, Android or universal remote with 20 buttons.

    Advanced To Professional
    This is where the lobster range starts to leave its competitors way behind. With upgradable computer software and u
    p to 12 pre-set drills that are designed to challenge players of any level.

    You also have the ability to design your very own 6 shot programs with up to 18 different spots on the court where you want to ball to land. You can even turn your iPhone or Android Phone into a 20 function remote control.

    five LE

    $ 5699.

    All the features of the Grand Four, plus
    • ​12 Pre-set Programs instead of 6
    • Create your own 6 ball drills using 18 spots from either the baseline, mid court or around the service box.
    • Weight: 20kg

    Customise your drills & updatable software
    The Grand Series Ball Machines allow you to program your own drills and the software can be updated so your machine will always have the latest drills.
    how long will it last?
    Lobster Sports is proud to offer the industry first ‘3 year warranty’ giving you the peace of mind that has become synonymous with Lobster Sports. Each Lobster ball Machine is assembled onsite at Lobsters California office and manufacturing facility. Quality control checks are performed at each step of the process, testing each part for durability and dependability. If your machine has tennis ball fuzz inside and it is new, then you know Lobster tested it properly. With service centres in each capital city you can rest easy that you have made the right choice!

    PHENOM 2
    $ 8499.

    Special Order Only
    • AC Powered Ball Machine (you need to plug it in)
    • ​250 Ball Capacity
    • ​All the features the Lobster range has to offer
    • Higher​ delivery of the ball, delivering a more realistic game play
    • Weight: 45kg