Why do I need a Ball Machine?
 To improve your game

 As a hitting partner

 As a tennis coach, it will help your business

 Your tennis club is looking for a ball machine for members to use

 Your Tennis academy players would benefit from training with a ball machine

 You have a court at home and your family loves tennis

 For fitness

Many tennis pros attribute a great deal of their success directly to the time they spent practising with a Lobster Tennis ball machine.

Whether you're a beginner, a junior champ, a weekend warrior, or on the professional circuit, your game will be transformed with a Lobster Tennis ball machine.

In over 40 years of delivering Lobster ball machines to the world market we love it when we hear so many stories from our customers about how much fun their Lobster machine is to use!

Our commitment is to deliver innovative, durable tennis ball machines with cutting edge technology that will not only stand the test of time, but will deliver lots of fun for you and your family on court on a Sunday afternoon or hours of hard practice grooving your strokes for your next tournament.

We offer three lines of ball machines Elite Series, the Grand Series (both battery operated) and the Phenom Series, our electric powered ball machines.

The Lobster Sports Grand Series models are a revolution in tennis ball machine technology.

These models have transformed the industry, bringing never before seen features to the portable tennis ball machine market.

So whether it’s for fun, for fitness or serious training we have designed the perfect Lobster machine for you!